Happy New Year!

Hello and happy happy new year to YOU!

Guys! I’m so excited to be moving into this new year with so much VISION. Nothin’ like a trip out of the country and the Holidays to remind you of what is important. It’s you guys! My friends, my family, heck, even strangers. It’s reaching out and it’s CONNECTING. I do that best through music and there are some big things on the horizon!


Working on some amazing new sounds with producer Steven Trueba and will have a track preview in next months letter. Also planning a mini-tour of Colorado in early March! So tell all yer Coloradian friends! hehe.

The world wide web of social networking has me in a tizzy lately, I’m feeling stuck and drained trying to figure it all out. SO I have two questions that I would really love to hear your point of view on:

1. Is social media absolutely necessary to be a successful independent artist? (success=continually growing & reaching new people)
(If you said NO, skip 2)

2. If it IS necessary, what are the healthiest most balanced and EFFECTIVE ways we can use social networking as a tool and not end up being the tool ourselves (disappeared hours of scanning the feed, checking and re-checking for likes, etc etc). What really grabs your attention on social media? What’s too much?

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!

This months line-up:

Fri, Jan 8th 6:30pm-9:30pm- Maison DeLille in Kirkland

Fri, Jan 15th- Private Event

Fri, Jan 23rd- Private Event

Sat, Jan 24th 8pm-11pm- Vino At The Landing in Renton

Something a lil bluesy to enjoy on one of these cold winter nights….

Every Man I Fall For


Jessie Siren

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