My harmonica coach once told me that the harmonica is the most owned, least well played instrument in the world. What if dreams are the harmonicas of humanity? We have them, we pocket them, we take them out when it’s convenient, when it sounds like fun…but when it comes to the “work”, when it comes to throwing yourself into something and dedicating your time to something without knowing what will happen, where you’re going to end up, or how exactly you’re going to get there….we freeze. We pocket the harmonica. We let it collect dust in the junk drawer, buried under things that don’t scare the hell out of us. But then we turn 40 or 63 or 98 and we see and we feel the impermanence of it all, the looming end that no matter what we do or who we are is coming for us. And thoughts of “what if?” haunt us with the lingering desires and curiosities that were never wrung from our fearful little hearts.

The thing is, dreams or no, we come into the world small and helpless and no matter how much we prepare, we plan, or worry we are all headed for the same destination; and none of us know how exactly we will get there. Full circle, back to small and helpless.

So that fear? Maybe just let it be. It’s real. But instead of letting it paralyze you, why not let it move you? If we’re gonna go, why not go trying for something great? Because the trying part? That’s the great part. So if you can’t remember, get still, get quiet, and LISTEN. Listen for the whisper, for the little tug on your heart strings, for the thing that vibrates every cell in your body. That’s your truth, that’s your dream. LIVE IT.

So friends, I’m finally taking my own medicine. I took a big leap of faith in July–I quit my “day job” and as of August 1st, I am all music all the time! Fully immersed in my musicianship:) Am I scared? Yes. But I am working not being afraid of that fear. Imma let it come, let it be, and  some days I know I’m going to dance with it. Some days, I’m going to move right through it. But always I will try my darndist to move with love and understanding.

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